Hello Jack,

> So when I resume,
> instead of setting the option, I can still use the Resume()
> function to resume notification?

I'm not sure I understeand completely what you ask but:

- Pause will stop notification from winsock. If there is already data
  received then OnDataAvailable will keep on firing for a while until
  you have received.

  After that winsock buffer will fill but no notification. When winsock
  buffer is full then sender will stop sending data.

- Resume will turn notification back on, so filled up receive buffer
  from winsock will fire onDataAvailable again.

- if you set wosNoReceivedLoop and you do NOT receive in OnDataAvaliable
  then it will also not fire again until you call receive. This means
  that you have to call Receive outside the OnDataAvailable to turn it
  on again.

- A combination of both should be working also. You call pause, and when
  you are in paused state you dont want to receive even if there is
  already somethign to receive as you explained in a previous mail. Then
  you do the wsoNoReceivLop;

  I "think" if combine both, and you call Resume that OnDataAvailable
  will fire again without calling Receive outside of it. You can try it
  easely of course. Pleas let us know, this is valuable information.

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

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