Bruno Mannina a écrit :
> Hi all,
> i'm trying since four days ago to get a SOAP attach file with one Http compo
> without result :(
> i use HttpCli from ICS that i modified with the help of F. Piette. I get the
> right XML response but i can't see
> the attach file ?! i'm sure that the attach file is reply by the SOAP
> server.

This is something i don't understand : you receive an answer in XML format.
There can't be anything more to receive !
except if you receive a continuous stream of data which is delimited by some 
MIME boundaries.
when do you analyze the content  of the answer ? in the OnRequestDone event or 
in the OnDocData ?

> So can someone help me to find how i can correct my test program ?
> I can send my test program if you need.
> Many Thank's for Helpers :)
if you have a small demo program just for the case, i may have a look !


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