> Whenever Delphi is sold I think actual version of Delphi and ICS
> will permit to continue make programs for some years.

Exactly. Since Delphi isn't some kind of interpreter and also isn't closed
environment, extending RTL to accomodate OS changes is still possible. If
there will be no Delphi for Win64, support for Win32 apps in Win64 will
still allow to be both backward and forward compatible (pcs with Win32-only
OS will remain for - IMO - at least 5-8 years after Win64 release date - of
course if not longer, Win16 PCs are still here - 11 years after Win95
release). So in my opinion there's no need to worry - for now at least,
ince there's no Win64 at all (and Microsoft still delays the Vista

6 years is a whole lot of time, and should be enough to find another IDE -
Not necessarily M$ one - learn it, and port living projects to it.

Piotr "Hellrayzer" Dalek

Ocen dziewczyny Playboya!!! >>> http://link.interia.pl/f190f

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