My program is using demo of THtmlSmtpClient component.
I have a little problem.
I have two images in email. In HTML message code it is:
<IMG src="cid:'+'IMAGE1'+'" width="90" height="88" border="0" alt="alt">  and
<IMG src="cid:'+'IMAGE2'+'" width="90" height="88" border="0" alt="alt">
 And then in SendButton procedure I have

       { Give the component the various data he need }
        HtmlSmtpClient.PlainText       := nil; 
        HtmlSmtpClient.HtmlText        := EmailBody; //html message code


        { Initialize all SMTP component properties from our GUI }
        HtmlSmtpClient.Host            := SmtpServerName;
        HtmlSmtpClient.Port            := IntToStr(SmtpServerPort);

        HtmlSmtpClient.FromName      :=UserName + ' <'+UserEmail+'>';
        HtmlSmtpClient.HdrSubject      :=TematWiadomosciE.Text;

When I click This button mail is sending. Everything is OK. But, when mail is 
sent and if I click again button that sending next email there is an error.
In html message code it is still ... "cid: image1", but in code of ICS (I can 
see it in log, example:
> Content-Type: image/gif;
> Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
> Content-Disposition: inline;
> Content-ID: <IMAGE3>   <-- here is incorrect - it should be <IMAGE2>

) the Image = Image3 and Image4. That is not correct - It should be again 
Image1 and Image2.

So, how to change this? 
I hope You understand what I mean...
Thanks in advance.
PaweĊ‚ Porwisz
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