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Sent: Monday, February 27, 2006 10:45 AM
Subject: Re: [twsocket] Problem with v6 BCB package

>> > Despite all that I have done, the package that I created for BCB6
>> > (http://www.fastream.com/ics/V6.zip) gives linker access violation. 
>> > Anyone
>> > can help?
> Linker access violation is likely a bug in BCB6 itself.
> I have no idea how to solve that.
> You should try with BDS2006. The trial version is available now.

I am not planning to spend on BCB until the future of the compiler becomes 
clearer. And unlikely everybody here will upgrade soon. So I think we need a 
workaround. Can't you just spend 5 mins to try the package I uploaded? 



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