> The httptest1.cpp example for HttpCli has following exception handling...
>     try {
>         HttpCli1->Get();
>     } __except (TRUE) {
>         DisplayMemo->Lines->Add("GET Failed !");
>         DisplayMemo->Lines->Add("StatusCode   = " +
> IntToStr(HttpCli1->StatusCode));
>         return;
>     }
> I was wondering if an exception can also occur when using
> HttpCli->GetASync() instead of HttpCli1->Get() ?
> If so, is it possible to give me an example which errors can be encountered
> here when calling GetASync() ?

The same exceptions can occur. But they will be triggered in another context 
since it is
asynchronous. You can trap them from the Application->OnException. You can also 
trap them where ever
you call the message pump (all events are actually subroutines called from the 
message pump).

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