> I have a xml string:
> <xml>
> <document>
> <command>
> </command>
> </document>
> which contain many lines.
> when I send it using SendStr I get it on the other side, line by line 
> (which is the normal).
> What is the best way to compose it and have the sending completed?

There is no best way in absolute.
The most efficient is when you send it using Send (instead of SendStr) and 
sending a medium size at a time (a few KB is OK).
If your XML is very big (let's say multimegabytes), it is better to send it 
while you are building it and to build it progressively using OnDataSrnt 
even. This way you will not use too much ram to store it while building, 
then the same quanttity of RAM a second time in TWSocket buffer.

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