I've setup a wiki for ICS documentation. A few guys have helped to set it up: 
Arno, DZ, Guillaume,
Wilfried, and some others.

The system is working. We defined a layout and entered the component list, some 
component, the start
of a FAQ and so on.

Now we need writers to enter the actual data into the wiki. There is work for 
everybody: no need to
know every details about ICS. If you can read source code, you can help a lot 
just by entering the
properties, events and methods lists with a short description which is most of 
the time already in
the source code.

Other people with more knowledges can write extensive documentation about 
specific components they
know better.

Wiki is a collaboration tool. Everyone can give his 2 cents participation.

Everybody willing to participate can explain (here in the list or by direct 
mail to me) what he can
do. I will give write permission to the wiki.

The wiki is available to everyone at http://wiki.overbyte.be

There is a dedicated mailing list to discuss wiki content. Every writer will be 
invited of course.

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