> There are some events in WSocket.pas that may be triggered
> even though csDestroying is in the ComponentState.
> Shouldn't we check csDestroying before any event is fired?
> In a multithreading TWSocketServer app. it would help to
> avoid AV's.

It seems reasonable. But I wonder which event you have problem with. I've a lot 
of multithreaded
applications and have not noticed this kind of problem.

> I would like to suggest a simple new boolean property Pause.
> If TRUE we would simply Exit from procedure
> TCustomWSocketServer.TriggerSessionAvailable.

There is already a method named Pause.
Basically this is to make the component refuse to accept new connections. Why 
not simply close the
socket ?

> Also Pause should be set to TRUE in the destructor to avoid
> multithreading-troubles. What do you thing?

csDestroying is probably enough.


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