> When I destroy the SimpleThrdSslServer with alot of threads and clients
> I can avoid AV's by this code:
> function TCustomWSocket.TriggerDataAvailable(Error : Word) : Boolean;
> begin
>     Result := Assigned(FOnDataAvailable) and not (csDestroying in 
> ComponentState);
>     if not Result then
>         Exit;
> ...

At first glance, I don't see why this code would cause trouble in existing 
application. But why
don't put it in the application code ?

> > Basically this is to make the component refuse to accept new connections.
> It pauses notification, I'm not 100% sure how Resume behaves,
> won't it sure fire no queued events?

Queued messages will still be processed, even after Pause has been called. 
Pause prevent winsock
from posting more FD_XYZ messages. But already posted messages will be 


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