> I  am  beginner in SSL, I never tried ICS SSL and don't know how it is
> implemented and I have a question :
> What  do  I  need to do if I want to make an already existing LineMode
> TWSocketServer/TWSocket  project  into  SSL  ?  DO  I need rewrite all
> communication  part  of the project ? Is it still usable with LineMode
> activated ?

There is not much change required. The component is the same, except a few 
properties, events and methods required to handle certificate and the likes. 
With basic SSL, really small changes are required to turn SSL mode on and 
benefit from a crypted communication. If you add certificates and want to 
properly make sure both parties are really what they claim to be, then there 
is a little work to do.

You have to add code to handle SSL specific. All your application code 
remains unchanged. The component behave like without SSL !

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