I uploaded a new ICS V5 beta. It include authentication support built into 
the HTTP server component.
The new version include code written by Fastream for Digest authentication. 
I fixed and expanded Fastream code. Also added code for basic 

The new code is compiled in using a compilation directive (compiled by 
default, define NO_AUTHENTICATION_SUPPORT to suppress the new code).

There is a short help:
  To implement authentication in your website, you must install an event
  handler for OnAuthGetType. In this handler, you check for each
  Client.Path which need to be password protected. For each selected path, 
  have to set Client.AuthType to whatever authentication method you need 
  basic or digest). You could also set Client.AuthRealm to whatever realm 
  need. By default AuthType and AuthRealm are initialized from the 
  values ate the server component level.
  The next thing to do is to implement an event handler for the
  OnAuthGetPassword event. This event is triggered whenever the component 
  to get a password to check with what the client sent. Usually, you'll get
  the password using Client.AuthUsername property which is the username
  provided by the client. You may also use the path and the realm to
  implement more complex passwrod system.
  Use the OnAuthResult event to log authentication success or failure.


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