Hello Francois,

I used the code you posted earlier to capture traffic with raw
sockets. It's the UDP packets I'm interested. It all works fine
with packets specifically addressed to this IP. However, all
broadcast packets are not captured, such as
I tried a C++ library based on raw socket and it worked. I briefly
looked at the C++ code and didn't find anything obvious. Can you think
of any reason that the ICS raw sockets is not doing that?

            WSocket1.ReqVerHigh       := 2;
            WSocket1.ReqVerLow        := 2;
            WSocket1.Proto            := 'raw_ip';
            WSocket1.Port             := '0';
            WSocket1.ComponentOptions := [wsoSIO_RCVALL];
            WSocket1.Addr             := '';

Best regards,

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