> I need write o function to retrieve date-time from a timeservers.
> This is needed to prevent changes on date and/or time on local 
> network pc's, included local server, because I should upload/download 
> small files which need real date time assigned.
> I take a look to TWSTimeClient from Chris Barber found at usermade 
> page, but I can't get write a working program.

That client did not support SNTP, only the old time protocol that uses 
whole seconds and does not allow for the round trip time.  I updated it 
many years ago for SNTP and to add UTC functions to change the PC time.  

I also updated Nathan Anderson's time server component to support SNTP. 

You can download both from my ICS page:  


Sorry, there is no demo program, but I use them myself hourly in my DUN 
Manager application.  I strongly recommend you compare the results of 
two time servers before actually changing the PC time, you'd be 
surprised how often time servers return bad time. 

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