> This operation server -> client -> server using wsocket takes 500,
> 600, 2000ms...

This is a log from one of my applications, running on a vehicle, using 
wireless LAN, then ADSL across the country, contacting an ICS server, 
updating a SQL database and responding with anything queued in SQL, all 
in 150 to 300ms.  It is slower in the evening when ADSL is saturated (3 
secs), but there are certainly no delays in ICS. 

02:00:02:313  VehAct Checking Route to:
02:00:02:342  VehAct Ping to took 20 msecs
02:00:02:343  VehAct Connecting to Server:
02:00:02:370  VehAct Session Connected to:
02:00:02:372  VehAct TxData: CV1114521-14|RNNNNUUOFUUUUOOU|74|0|
02:00:02:662  VehAct RxData: CS010CEFTP2|20060315-020002|0|
02:00:02:662  VehAct No Pending Responses, Trigger End
02:00:02:663  VehAct Session Ended

02:03:04:225  VehAct Checking Route to:
02:03:04:252  VehAct Ping to took 21 msecs
02:03:04:253  VehAct Connecting to Server:
02:03:04:280  VehAct Session Connected to:
02:03:04:282  VehAct TxData: CV1114521-14|RNNNNUUOFUUUUOOU|77|0|
02:03:04:398  VehAct RxData: CS010CEFTP2|20060315-020304|0|
02:03:04:398  VehAct No Pending Responses, Trigger End
02:03:04:399  VehAct Session Ended

19:20:11:275  VehAct Ping to took 80 msecs
19:20:11:276  VehAct Connecting to Server:
19:20:11:381  VehAct Session Connected to:
19:20:11:383  VehAct TxData: CV2514521-14|schedr+bham37=20060315 
19:20:14:709  VehAct RxData: CS010CEFTP1|20060315-192017|0|
19:20:14:709  VehAct No Pending Responses, Trigger End
19:20:14:709  VehAct Queue; Sending Queued Packet: CV23, Depth: 0
19:20:14:710  VehAct TxData: CV2314521-14|x|0|
19:20:14:710  VehAct Session Ended

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