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Subject: Re: [twsocket] Server problem (leaking memory)

> Fastream Technologies wrote:
>>> You say that you post a message to the worker thread to let it
>>> ThreadAttach.
>>> What do you do until the worker thread has attached?? You cannot just
>>> post a message, you have to wait until the workerthread has allocated 
>>> the
>>> window.
>> What do you suggest? What should I do? Would SendMessage work? But there
>> is no SendThreadMessage!
> If you have one thread per connection you post your message, then
> in a loop check a boolean flag that is set from within the worker thread
> when ThreadAttach returned. If you have multiple connections per thread
> you could use messages combined with Windows events or other sync-objects.
> The latter design is demonstrated with TWSocketThrdServer that I made
> to test ICS SSL in a multi-threaded environment. One connection per thread
> is demonstrated in demo ThrdSrv.

I saw your waitformultiplemessages design and it works with attach. But 
there is a big problem with detach: In my code, triggersessionclosed runs in 
the context of worker thread!!! What I want:

- destroy the client object fully
- have the FClientList routine run in the listener thread as it is 
- Could you advise a shut down destruction routine (Pascal now ok).



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