> Cisco load balancer has nothing to do with your application.
This is exactly what I've ment too. If the device counts only HTTP load, then
it is apparently useless for balancing entire application, which includes a 
backend with business logic. We must either make the balancer to be somehow
aware of another employed resources, or combine it with additional, possibly
mixed hardware/software solutions. If so, we'd better start with a software.

> You are talking about application user. This is not important. Idle users do 
> not count in the load.
> You just need a little bit of memory to store session data. No network 
> bandwidth, no CPU load, no
> activity for idle users.
Yes, that's pretty right. I'd only wanted to come to the clear understanding, 
that you use
"concurrent" in the meaning of simultaneous sockets activity rather than open 

> And even no socket is needed for idle user since HTTP is a stateless protocol.
What's about sockets which are kept alive?

> communication is fast. DCOM is relatively slow compared to hand crafted 
> protocol using sockets.
> SOAP is a very very slow protocol. Forget about it if you want to support 
> large number of user
> without buying huge hardware !
We do not currently use neither SOAP, nor DCOM, and I'd prefer not to use it at 
When I mentioned (a little bit inconsiderately) "distributed COM-objects", I 
did mean
multiple COM-objects (COM-wrapped business logic objects), which are undergone 
in some relation to web-servers and are scattered (to not confuse with 
but not DCOM as it is in common use.

> I could summarize our conversation like this: If you want to build a system 
> supporting a large
> number of users, first use the right technologies. To design the system, 
> think about software layers
> and optimize each layer using the correct tool for each layer.
The original question was posted due to my intention of collecting useful 
information about
software scaling decisions, including any considerations in relation to ICS, 
that would help me to choose
right technologies for web layer. As for applied layer, it can be built with a 
use of COM, or in any other
interface (for example, isapi is also being tested), and this was not the point 
of the question.

Best wishes,
Stanislav Korotky.
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