> I have x webspace with my service provider.
> I want to create 1 dynamic page on it.
> - can I put an ics Http Server on it?

You have to ask your service provider if you are allowed to run an executable 
and have it use
publicly available TCP port (obviously different than the sandradt port 80 
which is already in use
by the webserver).

> or do I need to create other stuff first

If you can't run your ICS/Delphi program, then you msut use whatever your 
provider allow. Probably
something like ASP or PHP.

> - or do I need to create this Http Server on my
> computer, but then I need to
> run it my computer all the time, so users can access it?

Yes you can. do that. You can easily be your own service provider. Not a big 
deal. You buy a fixed
IP with DNS service and the required bandwidth and connect your own server. 
Then you do whatever you
like, including writing your own server using Delphi and ICS components.

You can also frequently drop your own computer in you provider computer room, 
using his network. You
access it remotely to configure and maintain it.

btw: This mailing list is for discussing ICS component. So you'are welcome to 
ask questions related
to ICS use. For example questions about how to write your dynamic website with 
ICS or questions
about how to access any website using ICS. Please keep on topic when asking.

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