I have uploaded a new version of ICS-V6 beta to my website.
This version has all component converted to V6 and one sample per component 
(except FingCli and TnScript).
During porting, I fiwed small bugs in TnEmulVT and related sample.
All the files have now their name beginning with "OverbyteIcs". Of course 
currently many files are just the same as their V5 counterpart. In the 
future V6 will diverge more from V5 as new features are added.
To port you applications to V6, you have to change the unit names in the use 
clause. Just make all ICS unit names begin by OverbyteIcs.
Only MimeUtil.pas became "OverbyteIcsMimeUtils.pas" (note the added "s") to 
make it more conventional.
If you derive your component from ICS component and use custom messages, 
then you have to change a little bit your code.
There is 5 new or changed routines:
    procedure   AllocateMsgHandlers; override;
    procedure   FreeMsgHandlers; override;
    function    MsgHandlersCount: Integer; override;
    procedure   WndProc(var MsgRec: TMessage); override;
    procedure   HandleBackGroundException(E: Exception); override;
Have a look at OverbyteIcsFtpCli.pas as an example. You'll see it is quite 
simple. All message constant have been replaced by variables which are 
initialized with a dynamic message number. This change is necessary so that 
many components can share the same hidden window. Each component must 
register his own message numbers.

This V5 has been tested with Delphi 7 and Delphi 2006. I don't plan to 
support anything below Delphi 7.
Comments are welcome.

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