couldn't connect to TWSocketServer.

TWSocketServer app on win2k machine on internal network.
(built with delphi 2005 and ICS )
Microsoft ISA 2004 server publishing rule to publish TWSocketServer app on port 
(TWSocketServer.Addr set to internal ip address of win2k prof machine)

ISA has a publishing rule property that says either
a). requests appear to come from ISA server machine
b). requests appear to come from original client

When ISA is set to (b), the default, I cannot connect from the Internet?
but when it set to (a) and the connection appears to come from the ISA server 
(another internal IP) it connects ok?

Is this because the connecting IP is not in the same subnet if its from
the original client (external) ?

I'd like to understand whats going on here as it took ages to stumble upon
the solution.


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