I must say that Mobile TCP is the most recommended program of these
=P, and it uses ICS as well ;).

Sadly I do not think that it will solve this problem, but I could look
into adding authenticated SMTP, should not be that hard I guess. I
have to rewrite the forwarding bit anyway ;).

Sorry for being OT.


On Wed, 5 Apr 2006 16:52:33 +0200 GMT, Dod wrote:

> Hello David,

> Don't  know  if they do authentication but I know two (freeware) local
> SMTP  relays used for people with a notebook that switch between ISP's
> a lot.

> Autoroute SMTP
> MobileTCP

> Regards.

DR>> Before I reinvent the wheel ....

DR>> I have a program here which sends email via SMTP but doesn't support 
DR>> authentication. I also have an ISP which only allows authenticated SMTP.
DR>> Does anyone know of a little app which I can run locally on my PC 
DR>> (either as a service or a tray app) which will act as a little SMTP 
DR>> relay to get around this problem ?

DR>> (Actually 'I' in the above is a non-technical customer of mine)

DR>> regards

DR>> David

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