>>> I don't plan to support anything below Delphi 7
> I am just giving finishing touches to my application
> in delphi 5 with ICS components, after 3 months of
> work. I am heartbroken to read that you will not be
> supporting earlier versions.

You probably misunderstood. ICS-V6 will not support anything below Delphi 7. 
Of course you can still ask questions about ICS-V5 and if bugs are found, 
they will probably be fixed.

By the way, why are you still using Delphi 5 ? You should upgrade to Delphi 
2006 which is really worth an upgrade. Delphi 2006 is seriously better than 
its predecessors and has significant enhancements.

Porting Win32 code from Delphi 5 to Delphi 2006/Win32 is really easy. Just 
check that any third party component you use exists in Delphi 2006. If you 
have full source code for those component then, there is probably not much 
problem porting it yourself to Delphi 2006/Win32.


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