Paul wrote:
>> Wilfried Mestdagh wrote:
>>> Hello Paul,
>>>> That's was my first impression also, however RPPollSvc.Handle doesn't
>>>> exist :-(
>>> Correct. TService is derrived from TDataModule and has no windows
>>> handle. However you can make one with AllocateHWND.
> Thanks Wilfried, got it working with this way :-)
>> If you need to receive custom messages in ServiceThread's pump, why?
> Have a Http server with 12 threads for various processing and database
> operations.
> These threads work completelely independent from the servers operations
> and they get their orders from the server thru a queue (with a CS ).
> This works fast (there are no delays, except for the critical section).
> I want to inform the server whewnever an error occurs in one of the
> threads without the use of sync objects (delays !).
> So posting a message is the fastest way.

Yes I also use messages where I can, for logging across thread boarders etc., 
however with using DoCustomControl you don't need another window.
Was just another idea... 


> Paul
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