Yves Palma wrote:
>>In fact I have an AV with any ICS component (if I create a new TForm
>>project and add a Tping component and then run the program, I get the
>>AV) The AV is in rtl100.bpl
> I have solved my problem.
> I need to unselect 'build with packages' on my Project Options /
> Packages.
> I don't have any AV (Access Violation) and everything is ok.
> (THttpcli work fine on my datamodule)

In that case, the problem was probably caused by the fact that the 
application either couldn't find the appropriate .BPL file, or the one 
it found was the wrong version.

You could try building with "build with packages" turned on and put the 
ICS BPL file into the same directory as your executable.



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