Is the latest ICS *release* not working with all the compilers it pretend to 
? I'm sure it works.
I think your are confusing beta version with release version.
A beta version is there for testing. When tests show it works, then it is 
Don't expect me to fix all undiscovered problems.
I will fix all problems I'm aware of *when* time permit, that is after my 
business is done and there is spare time left. In the meantime hopefully 
other developers will fix the problems earlier. Instead of complaining, they 
should dig into the source, uderstand what's wrong and propose a fix.


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> So ICS doesn't fully support C++ any more?
> Is this the official path now for ICS, or just a single opinion here?
> In which case, you should edit the front page of the website where it 
> reads:
> "with /full source code/ for all *Delphi* and *C++Builder* versions."
> And yes. I am part of that 'minority', as you claim, that uses BCB.
> And in my area of work, BCB is by no means a minority. C++ is the
> language of choice amongst many of the systems running the UK's roads &
> HA systems.
> Dave
> Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
>>> When suggesting me to upgrade to BDS2006, I thought you had tested
>>> ICS with it...
>> I tested and approved ICS with BDS2006 before it's release last
>> November, but only with the Delphi Win32 personality, since that is all
>> 95% of users need.  I compiled and built every single test application
>> and component, with only one minor error.
>> The HTTP and FTP compression improvements were done in December and
>> January, and were not tested with C++, since none of the developers
>> involved understand C++, or care about it.
>> Remember ICS is free and it's developers contribute their time for free.
>> If you want full support for C++, you'll need to change to another
>> component, or fix the C++ problems yourself.  Or change to using the
>> Delphi pascal language like the rest of us.
>> Angus
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