Please ignore this email. It turned out to be a messed up tcp stack.
The code works fine on other PC.

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Date: Thursday, April 27, 2006, 4:48:45 PM
Subject: SO_REUSEADDR doesn't work

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Hello Francois and all,

I have a client socket. It has to use the same source port
(to avoid a problem on the server side.) It is supposed to
connect to a server from a specified source port, do something,
shutdown, and connect again. I checked the twsocket.pas file,
SO_REUSEADDR is used by default, so I should have no problem
reusing the source port. But I find that I can connect and do
things the first time, the second time OnSessoinConnect() always
returns 10048 error (specified address already in use.) When
I trace into twsocket.pas, bindSocket() doesn't really returns
an error. I wonder why I'm getting error 10048? I'm manually
calling Connect from a button for testing, not in any of the
twsocket message handlers.

Best regards,
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