Hi Roger,

The change with the critical section you've done is OK.
It is questionable if it has to be put within the component or outside of 
the component (in the application).
Putting the code within the component is easier for the component user but 
make the component slightly slower for all applications.

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From: "Roger Tinembart" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 4:10 PM
Subject: Possible Synchronisation-Problem in TWSocket

> Dear Francois
> As anounced yesterday, i had some problems using TWSocket in my project. 
> The
> problem only occures on modern PC's with HT (hyper threading). In my
> application, the thread 'running' the TWSocket is different from the 
> thread
> that is placing the data to be sent via SendStr. To avoid the problem, i
> added a critical section around the list of sendbuffers (FBufList). Now
> everything is running fine again.
> I would be happy if you would review my changes and decide whether you 
> want
> to place them in your distribution. I marked all my changes with { v5.25 }
> to make it easier for you to see what i've done.
> Thank you very much for your ICS-libaray and have a nice day.
> BTW: Is it save to 'use' the BETA-tree or is it only meant for testing
> purposes?
> Roger

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