Hello NeiSep,

> well i read about it but i don't get can i connect to several servers
> without using Threading ?
> and also receive stuff for every thingy?

ICS components are using corporative multitasking, meaning they do their
work in background without using threads. Technically this means that
the background job is executed when Delphi enters the message pump.

For example you want to connect to 10 servers, then you create 10
TWSocket, assign all the same event handlers (use Sender argument in
event handlers), and call connect;

A while later OnSessionConnected will fire (check winsock error), and
you can send; A while later OnDataSend is fired. Same thing if data
arrive then OnDataAvailable will fire.

All this can happen in same thread. You need thread if "you" have
length procedures that can block the GUI, for example a long database
query, or if you have thousands of TCP sessions, or a very heavy

Rgds, Wilfried [TeamICS]

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