Dear Tim!

You should obtain from the users, which reported the problem, all info about
why the messages were treated as spam. As a rule, anti-spam software inserts
descriptions of activated spam filters either in the message headers or
in notifications about intercepted spam. Without this it is almost impossible
to say what's the problem with these "false positives". Once the reason is
discovered, you should see if it is related to something in the sending software
(smtp client) or some external factors, which are out of your control.
If the later is the case, there is no software decision. All you can do is
to contact 3-d parties, which are involved in the mail trasmission and provoked
the "false positives" due to their facilities setup. Of course, you have no
guarantee they decided to accept your propositions.

Generally speaking, there is no universal guidelines for creating correct 
Spam detection is just a matter of filter setup, which is up to local 
in a destination domain/mail server. [S]he may have a different opinion about
proper spam detection.

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> I have an email application which has been working well with ICS for some
> while. However, the application is now sending via Exchange Server 2003 and
> a number of recipients have said that the emails are being treated as spam.
> All emails are being sent to addresses outside of the company.
> Of course, the Exchange Server may not be the problem as it seems many of
> the recipients are now using Outlook 2003 which has it's own anti-spam
> system built in.
> Are there some guidelines as to how to create an email using the TSmtpCli
> and make sure it is treated correctly by mail servers and email clients?
> Thanks.
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