Hello, all!

I am trying to decide upon which socket and/or SSL library to use,
which OS to use, and how much hardware needs to be thrown at this
problem.  I will be writing this in either Delphi, Kylix or maybe
FreePascal.  I wouldn't want to throw more than 10 boxen (preferably 5
or fewer) at this, and there isn't enough time (and I don't have
enough experience) to write something directly against Winsock.  I
must use existing, well-supported libraries.

The Problem:
We are required to support 50,000 open SSL links.  It is possible that
many clients will attempt to connect all at once, either because of
everyone switching on their equipment at 9am, or after a large-scale
loss of internet service (a major ISP goes down, for example).  It is
likely that I will need to use hardware SSL acceleration (f.e.,
and it is likely that either the library I use will have to talk to
it, or I will have to program against it directly.

The messages are frequently between 100 bytes to 200 bytes, and are
never over 256 bytes.

90% of connections, 90% of time: 1 message every 1 to 5 minutes 90% of
connections, peak time: 1 message every minute Busy connections, 90%
of time: 1 message/30 seconds Busy connections, peak time: 1
message/10 seconds

The data has the potential to be bursty.

We respond to a ping/keep-alive message every 30 seconds, on each link.

What kind of limitations would I run into?

Thankyou in advance,
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