Hi all,

After tons of patching, messing, changing I finally was able to compile
ICSv6 into BCB 2006 (SP2). I think for a second that all problems was gone.
But I'm wrong.

Sample application with TWSocket can be compiled and runned. When he run it
show "Class not found" in TWSocket.Create. I dig now around. 

If someone can help - I wish to have some CVS or SVN to syncronizing our
work and track changes. I can easy put project on SourceForge, but project
is not mine and license is not GPL. If not - there is workaround for
VisualSourceSafe and SourceOffSite extension but mine line is too weak and I
don't know how much bandwidth this will require.

Can someone help with this?



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As you know, Overbyte is fast abandoning the one-window-per-socket design
implemented in v5 of ICS/ICS-SSL due especially to the inefficiency it
created is servers. In our tests, with more than a few hundred users
connected concurrently, ICS v5 simply struggles with performance falling
from 900 requests per second on web server down to 150. In the age of
thousands if not tens of thousands of users, this is not feasible.

For the past one and a half month, we (Fastream) are trying to get the v6
code working under bcb6-2006, yet unsuccessfully. Francois at the beginning
said this would require 1000Euros of money for the dedication and then said
he would do it anyway. I think we (BCB users) should unite and help Overbyte
fix the design problems in the v6 code. Starting from today, I myself will
dedicate two hours of my work hours to the task each day. Fastream also
hired Peter Nikolow from Bulgaria as consultant (he is also reading) for
helping Francois. I would like to know what other BCB ICS users are thinking
and willing to do about this matter. As a lead coder of a FTPS/HTTPS server
and HTTPS reverse proxy with ICS, I can confidently propose that this work
is vital for the future of ICS under BCB.

Best Regards,

Sub-Zero (G. I. Ates)
CSA, www.fastream.com 

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