I have an email application using SmtpCli which has a test utility that
tries to send a test email to the user. This utility uses very similar code
to the MailSnd demo included with ICS.
It has always worked fine, but it is now having issues with sending via
Exchange Server 2003 and I have modified the code to try and establish the
The responses from connecting, helo and mailfrom are:
< 220 rsyncbox.fitness-exchange.net ESMTP Postfix
< 250 rsyncbox.fitness-exchange.net
< 452 Insufficient system storage
However, the user has no problem sending from Outlook. I can see that
sending an email from my utility is different from sending via Outlook, but
as far as anyone can see, there is no storage problems anywhere.
Does anyone have any ideas about what is going on?
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