I'm using the Webserv example within my app to send xml files that I 
dynamically create. I initially used SendStream to send my xml back to 
the client, but I have now switched to using AnswerString. The reason 
being that some browsers seemed OK without HTTP headers in the reply, 
but some not. This may be a bum steer though.

The problem I have now is that the 1.3M xml response takes 56 seconds to 
turn up at the browser on my LAN, but only ever partly turns up over a 
WAN connection.

Smaller files seem to make it OK.

The creation of the xml on the fly takes 10 sec, and if I send the same 
data as a file, and not dynamically created, it takes 12 sec.

I'm not sure where to look next. Can anyone suggest some pointers?



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