> Can anyone point me in the direction how I could send a sms by using 
> ICS components

I've just added this to one of my applications.

> 1. Sending by modem

I used Async Pro TApdGSMPhone component, free from Softwareforge, I did 
have to change one of the responses to make it work with my Nokia 30 GSM 
modem, and I'm not particularly impressed with the error handling or 
responses, but it does work.  I looked briefly for better GSM 
components, but could not make any demos actually work with my Nokia.  
Benefit of a modem is you can report internet problems <g>

Someone also sells a USB landline modem that will send SMSs using the 
GSM command set, which might be more useful in a screened computer room 
where wireless reception is poor. 

> 2. Sending by internet - prefered.

Did this as well, using the Kapow! SMS Gateway, http://www.kapow.co.uk/

You can just send emails, or use HTTP GET or POST requests, and it has a 
status HTTP request so you can check the progress of any SMSs that you 
send, to make sure they actually go somewhere and don't just sit in a 
queue.  During my testing, most SMSs arrived within five seconds. 

You have to buy credits, 10 UKP for 100 (and 50 free), less for larger 
volumes, and the HTTP response tells you how many credits you have 
left.  I assume SMSs can be sent to Belgium as well, but have not tried. 

I wrote a little Send SMS program you are welcome to have the source.  


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