Looking to the mailling list, I've seen some people trying to send
file in the WebServ demo of ICS.

I've played around a bit with it trying to get it working, and ended
up with a very simple way to do it :

In HttpServer1GetDocument add the case you want :
    else if CompareText(ClientCnx.Path, '/myfile.mp3') = 0 then
         CreateVirtualDocument_File(Sender, ClientCnx, Flags);

Create the appropriate procedure CreateVirtualDocument_File

Then, put this code in it :

procedure TWebServForm.CreateVirtualDocument_File(
    Sender    : TObject;
    ClientCnx : TMyHttpConnection;
    var Flags : THttpGetFlag);
  Flags := hgSendDoc;

And you're done !

(i've seen numerous exemple of people trying to do that and no working
exemple, so i thought this would be a good thing to post it)


PS: I first tried to build up my own header using

header := ClientCnx.FVersion + ' Status ''200 OK''\r\n'
          + 'Content-Length: ' + inttostr(ClientCnx.FDocStream.size) +'\r\n'
          + 'Content-type: '+DocumentToContentType(ClientCnx.FDocument)+'\r\n'
          + 'Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=' +
ClientCnx.FDocument +'\r\n'
          + 'Connection: ' + ClientCnx.FRequestConnection + '\r\n'
          + '\r\n\r\n';

With the correct flag and a valid file Stream associated to
ClientCnx.FDocStream, but I ended up with random behaviours (unknown
size by browsers, no action in firefox, opera wouldn't see when the
download is over, etc ...)

I guess i did it bad.
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