I wrote a procedure for downloading a file with THttpCli.
I can learn it's position on progress.

procedure TMainForm.xHttpCliDocData(Sender: TObject; Buffer: Pointer; Len: 
var xCount : Integer;
   xCount := 0;
   if THttpCli(Sender).ContentRangeBegin <> '' then
      xCount := StrToInt(THttpCli(Sender).ContentRangeBegin);
   progressBar.Position := xCount + THttpCli(Sender).RcvdCount;
   LabelDown.Caption  := ByteToKB(xCount + THttpCli(Sender).RcvdCount);

so I want to do same thing with TSmtpCli.
When I send a file with E-Mail, I want to show progress. Because It take a long 
time. about 2-3 minutes. How can I do this?

PS. I'm using 30.May.2005 versiyon of ICS. I downloaded new version, but I 
don't install yet.
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