>> Of course. Be sure to create it from the thread's Execute method.
> Just being curious : why does is have to be created in
> the thread's execute procedure ?

As you know, ICS component use hidden window to receive notification 
messages from winsock and to use internal messages. By Windows design, 
messages are processed in the context of the thread having created the 
window. So if you create a component in the main thread context, all his 
messages will be handled by the main thread. If you create a component from 
a thread Execute method, all messages will be processed in that thread 
context. Side note: A thread constructor is executed in the context of the 
calling thread (usually the main thread) that's why you should not create 
the ICS component in TTHread.Create but in TThread.Execute.

ICS component has a ThreadDetach and a ThreadAttach procedure. They simply 
destroy and recreate the hidden window.

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