I've got two applications trying to broadcast UDP multicasts, on a 
private WAN/LAN.  

One is broadcasting on LANs, with a MultiCastIpTTL of 1 and is being 
received fine by all other PCs running on the same subnet.  The second 
is trying to broadcast across a WAN and different subnet, involving 
Sonicwall routers and private ADSL (all using the address range 
192.168.x.x), with a MultiCastIpTTL of 6.  But these UDP packets don't 
even seem to be reaching the Sonicwall, never mind across the WAN 
(there's nothing being logged), they don't go further than the subnet.  

So am I wrong in thinking TTL means hops?  Is it really binary values?  
A Linux source suggests 32 for same site, 64 for same region, 
while Microsoft says 15 for site and 63 for region for RAS and Routing.


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