I now have isolated my problem i little bit more:

1.) The last ICS- version i've used is V2.91 (without ACCOUNT -

2.) The FTP- server i have to connect to is not able to understand the
    ACCT- command (Server is a Fanuc- robot).

3.) The FTP- server replies '230 User logged in, proceed' as soon as
    the 'USER' command is given (anonymous).
    So the server doesn't need a password or an account...

Within the FtpClient- component (V2.106) / line ~2610 (AcctAsync) the
procedure is waiting for finishing the 'PASS'- command with result
'332 Need account for login' or any other prev. command than
'ftpFctPass'. As soon as one of theses conditions are true, the 'ACCT'
command will be started even if the user is already logged in.

For a test i have modified the condition in this way:
  if ((FFctPrv <> ftpFctPass) and (FFctPrv <> ftpFctUser)) or
    ((FFctPrv = ftpFctPass) and (FstatusCode = 332)) or
    ((FFctPrv = ftpFctUser) and (FstatusCode = 332)) then begin

Now the component works for my case.
Is this the correct way for disabling 'ACCT' or is there any other
method without modifying the components sourcecode?

Kind regards

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