I'm not entirely sure this is a problem related to ICS but since I could 
not narrow down another possibility I decided to check up on this list to 
see if anyone else has (is) esperienced(ing) the same problem as I am. Frist 
of all I have a client/server program written in Delphi 6. This programa 
uses your TWSocket component for connection between the clients and my 
server (both sides are using ICS).
    For most clients we have absolutely no problem at all, the system works 
like a charm (the client logs on to the server that sends back to the client 
some information and clock signals - regular cli/ser model). Recently we had 
a client that owns an AMD64 processor (AMD Athlon64). This client connection 
OK to our server, but he doesnt get any data (nor the clock signal) back and 
the connections times out resulting in an atempt to reconnect, wich starts 
the cycle all over again.
    Is there any known issue regarding this? If so, are there any 
workarounds or fixes? Any information would be much apreciated.


Marcelo Grossi 

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