> > Are you really sure that you need multi-threading at all?
> > TWSocketServer can handle hundreds of clients w/o any problem in a
> > single thread, makes life much easier ;-)

> I will have to support up to 100 clients at a time. Each client will
> send about 1 TCP packet per second. Fairly low traffic. I think I will
> follow your idea and go for a single thread solution. I just thought a
> multithreaded system would scale a lot better.

Multithread is not needed as far as datacomm is concerned. But it may be
required for data processing. For example if you have to query/update a SQL

When using single-threading, pay attention to the user interface. Write to
the screen is very slow compared to network I/O. For example if you display
a simple packet count on screen, updated with each packet, then you will
slow down considerably the overallthruput. Instead, count the packets in a
variable somewhere and use a TTimer to display this counter every two
seconds. This will not slowdown your network I/O. Just an idea.

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