Hello again,

    I'm new to this list and since I've been getting your messages, I was 
wondering if anyone got the message I sent about the problem I'm having with 
the 64-Bit AMD processors. I really really need your help on this, because 
I've never altered the source code of ICS and the problem mentioned (see 
below) only happens with users of 64-bit AMD (never tested with Intel) 
    If anyone had a similar issue concerning 64-bit users please let me know 
if there is a solution, or else I will be forced to withdraw from using your 
excelent component, given the growing number os 64-bit users. And I really 
like your component (a lot).

Thanks for the attention,

Marcelo Grossi

> Hello,
>    I'm not entirely sure this is a problem related to ICS but since I 
> could not narrow down another possibility I decided to check up on this 
> list to see if anyone else has (is) esperienced(ing) the same problem as I 
> am. Frist of all I have a client/server program written in Delphi 6. This 
> programa uses your TWSocket component for connection between the clients 
> and my server (both sides are using ICS).
>    For most clients we have absolutely no problem at all, the system works 
> like a charm (the client logs on to the server that sends back to the 
> client some information and clock signals - regular cli/ser model). 
> Recently we had a client that owns an AMD64 processor (AMD Athlon64). This 
> client connection OK to our server, but he doesnt get any data (nor the 
> clock signal) back and the connections times out resulting in an atempt to 
> reconnect, wich starts the cycle all over again.
>    Is there any known issue regarding this? If so, are there any 
> workarounds or fixes? Any information would be much apreciated.
> Regards,
> Marcelo Grossi 

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