Macma wrote:
> I'm using BCB5 Pro and ICS V5 for Delphi/C++Builder Beta (May 14,
> 2006) and I can't compile TService application with TFtpSrv. On normal
> application when I put TFtpSrv on TForm everything is OK but o
> TService I've got compilation error from  WSocket.hpp:
> Declaration terminated incorrectly.
> static const Shortint IOC_UNIX = 0x0;
> static const int IOC_WS2 = 0x8000000;
> static const int IOC_PROTOCOL = 0x10000000;
> static const int IOC_VENDOR = 0x18000000;
> What would be the reason??

These constants are defined in winsock.h, for each
constant add the {$EXTERNALSYM ..} define in

IOC_UNIX             = $00000000;
IOC_WS2              = $08000000;
IOC_PROTOCOL         = $10000000;
IOC_IN               = $80000000;

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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