>> A component has allocated a number of message numbers (the messages are
>> now identified by variables since a lot of components share the same 
>> hidden
>> window). When the component is attached to another thread, any message
>> still in the old message queue has to be pulled out and posted into the 
>> new
> queue.

>> Before being posted to the new queue, the old messages numbers have to be
>> mapped to the new ones. See TCustomWSocket.AllocateMsgHandlers for
>> reference.

> Would it be possible to have one prime number per component, and the 
> message
> numbers the component allocates are a multiple of this prime?

Would be very difficult.
Message numbers are given by the TIcsWndHandler class, not the component nor 
his derived.
Messages numbers are 16 bit integers. Available numbers start at WM_USER.
The handler allocate at most WH_MAX_MSG (currently 100) message be hidden 


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