Hello, All!

We have a reverse-proxy built from Primoz Gabrijelcic's proxy component.
It works ok all the time except for some sporadic cases when IE and Opera
browsers breakes keep-alive connection. The 10053 error comes as wParam
in the XSocketWindowProc. FireFox does not produce the error.

The error does not affect data transfer, because the error always occures
between documents, i.e. the only negative effect is that connection closes
after a document transfer and opens anew when the following document
is requested.

The question: is this a known issue with support of keep-alive connections
in IE and Opera, or should we try to find other reasons (ICS or network
configuration related)? If so, what could this be?

We'd like to eliminate this unnecesary 10053 error in order to distinguish
it from actual 10053, which apparently can occur one time and will require
correct error handling.

Best wishes,
Stanislav Korotky.

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