I'm using D2006, ICS 5 (from the Partner DVD) and Windows XP
professional with a lightwight FTP-Server.

I'm writing some application which is to be used to maintain a website
later and for this a html-file is created on the local PC and should be
transferred to the webserver using FTP.

I can connect and disconnect without problems from the local FTP-Server
used for development but deleting files and sending files gives me some

When I try to delete the file I want to send first from the FTP server
it always says it has been deleted, but the file is still in the
directory of the server?! What's happening there? The statuscode sent
back by the server is 250.

When I try to send my file to the server I need to 'put' it twice, the
first time it gives me a "425 Can't open data connection." (so
statuscode is 425) but the second time the file get's send okay. As
Transfermode I use text not binary, since I think that's okay for a

What's happening here? Is this normal, or my little FTP-Server or does
my application not yet comply to FTP-standards?



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