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> Since I've never been using THttpCli in one of my applications I'm
> not very familiar with HTTP as well as the THttpCli. That's why I
> wonder whether it is intented to trigger RequestDone on each
> relocation or not (sometimes it's triggered in V5, V6 sometimesnot),
> probably someone more familiar with the component can clear me up?
> With two simple changes I can make the FollowRelocation feature
> working for the problem URL of the OP, however w/o RequestDone being
> triggered on relocation.
If I remember correctly, to late to really check it :), requestdone is only 
triggered after relocate is finished (followreloc is true). I use v6 beta 
and the thttpcli for some years now. If you want me to check it in detail 
just let me know and I will do so for you.

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