Markus Humm wrote:
> I've tried the FTPTst Application right now and found out that a PASS
> is required after a open, it will delete the file then. But why
> didn't the server tell me in my program and always claimed to have
> carried out my delete request?

If authentication is required to issue a command the server should send
an error code, typically 530.

> Doesn't really matter, because the put still only works for the second
> time. 

No problem here using FtpTst demo and FileZilla server.

> As I noticed he tries to open a binary connection although I
> left "binary mode" unchecked.

In order to set transfer mode you must set property BinaryMode to TRUE
as well as issue command TypeSet to send the transfer type command to
the server. Same when switching back to ascii except property BinaryMode
must be set to FALSE before issuing the TypeSet command.   

> What's happening here? I'll need a
> binary transfer later, but not at this time.
> Why the need of a 2nd put? Why does the first one fail? Is it my
> FTPServer?

Very unlikely, try to upload with FtpTst demo first. If that works
the problem should be in your code.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

> Greetings
> Markus
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