Arnold FLUTEAUX wrote:
> Thanks.
> When I've modified the ftpclient.timeout from 15 to 60, theses
> disconnections had disappeared. 

15 is far too short, why don't you make it an user option?

> So I thought that this property was
> important because it's used in "WaitUntilReady" function. 

Yes it is.
But increasing component's Timeout won't change anything in case you
hit a winsock timeout/error. The error message you posted is a 
winsock error. When the component timeout triggers current,
synchronous method returns False with StatusCode 426 as well as
ErrorMessage "426 Timeout", see function TFtpClient.WaitUntilReady in

> And
> according to me, I wanted to set automatically this property with the
> speed of connections. 15 seconds is OK for high but not for a mobile
> connections at 9.6.

I would set it to 30 sec by default and would provide an option somewhere
in the settings.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

> Arnold
> Arnold FLUTEAUX wrote:
>> I've question on the timeout.
>> With a high speed connection, the timeout is equal to 15 seconds. But
>> with a very low connection (9,6 kbits/s) , they are several problems
>> and the ftp disconnect itself with the message "500 Connection closed
>> time out (winsock error #100060)".
>> So to avoid this problem, I have
>> increased the timeout to 60 seconds.
> Those kind of errors are caused by a winsock timeout. I think it
> should be possible to set that value somewhere in the registry, have
> you? Property TFtpCli.Timeout effects only in case you would use the
> sync methods, and it triggers independent of the winsock timeout,
> however the shorter timeout would trigger first.
>> So is it the good solution ? And if it's OK, how can set the timeout
>> automatically ?
> If you mean the system-wide winsock timeout, I don't think it is a
> good idea to change that automatically on system you do not own.
> ---
> Arno Garrels [TeamICS]
>> Thanks
>> Arnold
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