In fact, I must send files and then receive files. But I must send and
receive theses files in respecting their creating/modificating date. And for
example, if a file is not received correctly, I must stop the connection. I
need to do these transfers step by step and stop it in case of problem. I
can’t download or upload several files in same times; that’s why I’m using
synchronous methods and not asynchronous.

And for the timeout, if I asked if there  is  a method to know the
connection type or connection speed, it’s because users can use this system
with high speed connection or very low speed connection. 

My English is not very good so I hope that I’m clear !

Hello Arnold,
> But in my test, I'm used Put method, not putAsync method.
Please try the async methods, it is more encouraged :)


Arnold Fluteaux

Chargé d'Affaires

SCJ Informatique


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